Sunday, 15 March 2009

3 poems

i have three 'poems' in the March issue of the Trof Times. the Trof Times is a free newsletter thing about Trof with interviews and listings and things in it. i imagine they have copies at Trof and other places in Manchester, probably in the Northern Quarter. i picked my one up at Picadilly records.

the 'poems' aren't new. they are 3 of the 5 things i did for the Gravity's Rainbow/Mason & Dixon chapbook with Shane Jones last year. click the picture to make it large enough to possibly read them, if they're legible. i don't know. the print might be too small:

the picture is of Micachu & The Shapes. there's an interview with them on the other page (left). i bought the Micachu album yesterday. i like it.

i looked at the Trof Times thing a couple of times, without registering that the cover has a drawing of a simile of my penis on it:

one of the 'poems' has the line 'My penis feels like a miniature swan, sat at a table, trying to polish an apple with its wings' in it. i felt very good and excited when i saw the penis simile on the cover.


Chris East said...

i like the picture of the penis swan
i have not heard the micachu album and have been 'sceptical' of the whole thing since seeing an interview/performance of hers on some dvdzine a couple, i didn't like it.
but the reviews make it sound good

i don't know what my point is

Sian said...

it just goes to show you can't be too careful

Fat Roland said...

"fuck it"

i'm quoting what i've just seen,
exactly like commenters on youtube

"fuck it"

Peter said...

I now definitely want someone to illustrate a penis simile of mine. I might end up having to do this myself.

Shane Jones said...

best chapbook ever.