Friday, 6 March 2009

de vogel kamer

the Dutch version of The Bird Room is out now, or soon, or soon-ish, published by AmboAnthos.


[note: that is not a picture of my carpet. it is a picture of a carpet somewhere in Holland, i presume]

excerpt from De Vogel Kamer, translated back into English using babelfish:

Friday night. Its long black coat no longer hangs to the bracket. Them is the door from. She is at Will. She does not come home. Three hours at night. I lie on the ground in pace at the voordeur, as a table mat. Them on me must will stand if she comes in. She will wipe off its feet to me. I looked on whereas she prepared himself to leave. I was behind its then she made up himself for the bathroom mirror. I ran behind her to the sleep chamber and looked on how she opened the hunk and there three different jurkjes removed, all black. She kept them for its body and moved back and forth, looked at to themselves in the large mirror on cupboard. She chose the shortest jurkje. She acquired ear bels in, fragrance, and smoothened her its right and with a grip. She did an hour and a half. She listened to Erasure and then to Prince. Them zongmee. `I wanna be your lover. I drunk on bed and looked on how she prepared himself. I said nothing. Now I lie on the floor in pace and look at to the slit under the door, guard to light becomes or to Alice comes home and me finds, it or the other one there. I do not will fall in sleep, say I against mezelf. If I wakker become, there a free newspaper on my leg lies. By the slit helderwit sunlight come. It does pain to my eyes. I look at laboriously to the coat rack. Its coat hangs to the bracket. Its boots resist at the door. Them stands under the shower. I hear her. Them sings.


Catherine Lacey said...

I like this re-translation... weirdly interesting.

Martin Higgins said...

It's very funny.

"Them zongmee" in particular made me do 3 laughs.

Like that cover.

Brian Centrone xxx said...

Could they not find a table?

I like that cover. It's...something.

Do they send you copies or do you just get a picture of it on a carpet?

Crispin Best said...

"By the slit helderwit sunlight come."

e e c!

Chris said...

i think this cover is beautiful

yesterday i saw a band called Moustache of Insanity

i thought of this blog

Shane Jones said...

i love that cover. nice.

Ryan W. Bradley said...

man, that cover is stunning.