Sunday, 29 March 2009

Emperor X, etc.

'selections' from my twitter account were recently published on the muumuu house website.

my twitter account should in no way be confused with the footballer Chris Killen's twitter account.

i am having an 'Emperor X dance party' in my flat at the moment.

kind of.

it just involves me sitting here on my own listening to Emperor X on my computer.

i'm not actually dancing. just typing and sitting here.

it's nice. i like Emperor X.

here's what i'm listening to.

i have had no official replies from lonely/bored Dutch or Dutch-speaking people yet (see below post).

i just wrote 3,000+ words of something that wasn't my novel.

i'm excited about something i'm bidding on on eBay. i feel so pathetically excited and secretive about it, i don't want to type what it is in case someone else starts bidding on it. listening to Emperor X is a clue, not that anyone cares.

the guy from Emperor X is currently singing "go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go g go go go go go go" really fast.


Chris East said...

i'm bidding on that same Ikea pine bookcase!

Pe said...

I laughed at the old man penis climbing stairs stroke tweet. I'm really bad at twitter,

Anonymous said...

hello chris

i have read your book. i enjoyed it. process.

out of interest, and being in a similar-ish position to yourself (minus the book out), can i look forward to not having a day job when (if) i get published? or, if you do work, where so and doing what?



nick said...

I much prefer the footballer Chris Killen's twitter account.

'Just playing football and things.'

So much cooler.