Friday, 13 March 2009

interview, etc.

the beat just posted an interview with me.

**warning: interview spoiler**

i say 'like' 9 times in this interview.

i say 'i don't know' 3 times in this interview.

**end of spoiler**

also, bookgeeks did an online bookclub discussion on The Bird Room, and recently posted the 'highlights', including them asking me some answers and me answering them.

amazon update:

'mild' upwards sales rank movement.

2 or 3 new customer reviews, including a postive one and a 'this is ok' one.

my life update:

i just found a flat. i have good feelings about the new flat. the bathroom looks a bit like a miniature hotel bathroom. the carpet has tea stains on it. it has a good balance between 'this looks nice' and 'i can make a mess here comfortably'. also, it has radiators.

i started a twitter account. i am afraid to write anything on it. maybe i just won't write anything on it. that could be my 'thing'. i don't know.


Adam R. said...

Is the bathroom sink in a separate room from the rest of the bathroom? I love it when it's set up like that in hotels. At least that's how we do it stateside. Is it like that in the UK too?

Thanks in advance for answering my culturally unsavvy question.

chris killen said...

hi Adam, no the sink is in the same room as the toilet, bath and shower. but everything is about 3/4 size and close together. i think i was just 'wowed' by the lack of mould and things. maybe more like a 'guest house' bathroom.

Martin Higgins said...

I'm following you on Twitter. And also in life. I'm at the end of your street. Your new flat looks nice.

Chris said...

a 3/4 size toilet?

annie clarkson said...

I like your interview. But where are your glasses? I don't think it is really you. You always wear glasses.

Socrates Adams-Florou said...

i hate your new flat

Brian Centrone xxx said...

If you are a person who twitters, does that make you a twat?

Did you move flats because of the mould in the bathroom or the old person who wouldn't leave?