Tuesday, 24 March 2009

fao: lonely/bored Dutch people

oh dear. i 'defaced' my blog (see above) last night, a bit drunk, at about 2 in the morning. i don't know why i thought 'glasses, moustache, jazz beard' was a good idea. i'd change it back except i'm not at home and don't have the picture here to change it back to. original picture 'forthcoming'.

also forthcoming:

'selections from chris killen's twitter account' on the muumuuhouse website, i think.

new short stories in ROADS AHEAD (tindal street) and PAINT A VULGAR PICTURE (serpent's tail).

lots of readings at various places.

i am reading at Nottingham Waterstone's THIS THURSDAY NIGHT. 7-8:30pm.

the next NO POINT night is tonight. i am excited about this. i think it will be 'fun and shambolic and more-relaxed-than-normal' hopefully. we have a surprise guest.

i received 7 copies of De Vogelkamer today, the Dutch version of The Bird Room. it looks really nice. i want to post lots of pictures of it, but i lent my digital camera to a friend. my digital camera is currently on a plane to Seattle right now, i think.

i don't know what i am going to do with 7 Dutch copies. if you are a lonely or bored Dutch person living somewhere outside of Holland, or studying Dutch or have lonely or bored Dutch or Dutch-studying friend send me an email with a description of yourself/your situation. if i deem you 'lonely/bored/Dutch' enough i will post you one of the copies for free.

i think my favourite song at the moment is 'City Song' by Emmy the Great.


Pieter L said...

In the Netherlands, vogelen = categorizing birds, but in most regions of Flanders vogelen has a completely different meaning (informal language), like in
http://www.wadda.be/vogelen-op-het-dak_dutch (yep, the act of... intercourse).
So the Flemish translation for De Vogelkamer = The Shag Room

Brian Centrone xxx said...

wow that fits too.

can the lonely american have an english and dutch copy for his impressive library and reading pleasure??? Please :(

E.E. said...

How about Double Dutch? Ropes a swinging.

Seattle said...

Your camera is at the bottom of Puget Sound. I was practicing my overarm

helen said...

what about sending my half-dutch brother who lives in switzerland a copy for his birthday?
I dont think he's bored and he's probably not that lonely because he has a lovely girlfriend but I worry that his years in la suisse have stunted his development of the Dutch language.
and you'd be helping me out with an original birthday gift.
you have my contact details at CB office :)