Thursday, 9 April 2009

16th of April at the launch for Richard Milward's novel Ten Storey Love Song in Middlesbrough

21st of April in Preston with Jenn Ashworth, Steven Hall, Sally Cook and others

24th of April in London at the Beat the Dust/3:AM 'Recession Session' (can't find link)

29th of April in Nottingham before a spoken-word thing from Eugene Robinson (OXBOW)


Socrates Adams-Florou said...

you have reached level 25.

+1 Intelligence
+2 Vigour
+1 Strength

Please apply your talent point.

You may re-spec to sesitte.

annie clarkson said...

You are just so quirky and cute.

(I mean this in a harmless nice way.)

Marcus Whale said...

oh awesome, i love oxbow. eugene is unbelievably badass.

ryan manning said...


Ryan W. Bradley said...


Chkn said...

I really like what you did with your fridge magnets here :)

Mark said...

i would like to be your refrigerator
let me know if this is possible

Jenn said...

you've gone all miranda july on us!


Brian Centrone said...


What is happening to you??

Anonymous said...

eggsellent fridge decorations. your are doing well, do you still work a regular job?

i hope to do well soon - so let me know!


green ink said...