Thursday, 23 April 2009

Dear Crispin,

here is some news about things i am doing or that happened to me recently.

sorry if they are boring.

i am going to London tomorrow to read a short thing at this 3:AM/beat the dust event.

there was an article/interview thing in MX paper in Australia yesterday, or two days ago, maybe:

a nice person sent me some photos of the German edition of The Bird Room in a bookshop:

i have drank cider maybe three or four times in the last week.


Chris East said...

your german cover is not as 'sexy'

i don't know whether that is an indictment of german culture as a whole


this is not crispin
i know it is not addressed to me
am i allowed to read this?

i feel awkward now

Charlene said...

Ola. I like the cover.

Brian Centrone said...

Chris -

I like the article, I like the Book Cover, I like this post. This is not true of your other recent posts or you (at the moment).

However, I am quite pleased that you and your book are both doing well.

Also, Crispin doen't love you anymore. He told me.

Peeeeeeeeee said...

Chris, if I promised that I was a changed man would you play me at scrabble again?

green ink said...

Ah, the MX! My daily read on the Eltham line when I lived in Melbourne :)

Great that your book is doing so well! I can't wait to read it.

The Broad Set Writing Collective said...

nice article! and apple cider with crushed ice is a year round treat.