Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Dear Crispin,

today i got up early and got things done. i felt kind of good and smug and proud of myself. i have not been out in the sun too much as i think i burnt my face yesterday. when i looked at my face in the mirror last night and this morning, it looked a deeper red than normal. i have been worrying, mildy, about skin cancer recently. i have a wobbly mole on my neck at the back, below the hairline. do you ever worry about things like that? do you put on face protection before you go out in the sun? also, i am reading at a thing somewhere in London on friday night. maybe i'll see you there? i don't know. anyway, hope you are having a nice time.

your friend,



ryan manning said...


Crispin Best said...

i like where facebook lets you 'like' something by clicking the word 'like'

what reading?

verification: 'ethos'

DJ Berndt said...

I wish I had thought of this.

Anonymous said...

hey chris

have you had a chance to answer my questionard form the previous blog?

just checked - no you havent yet.

i shall repeat it just in cases.

do you still work a regular job? or has being published enabled you to give up the daily grind?



chris killen said...

hi, Ryan.

hi Crispin, the reading is the 3:AM/beat the dust 'recession session' thing. it is somewhere in Islington. i don't know where i'm going to sleep yet. that wasn't a hint. maybe it was kind of a hint. i don't know.

hi, DJ.

dear Anon,

i am sorry i haven't answered your previous questions which were the same question. i read them. i haven't been replying to comments recently, i don't know why.

at the moment i am being paid as a Writing Fellow at the University of Manchester for one semester, which is enough of a wage to live on. i do a small amount of creative writing teaching and am generally 'on hand' to help with things, give feedback, etc.

i received an advance from Canongate too, which was also enough to live on for a while. after the fellowship ends, i am not sure what i am going to do. i will need to find another job of some sort.

i hope that answered your question.