Monday, 20 April 2009

Dear Crispin

i am reading at the thing in Preston tomorrow night (see post below).

i just changed my blog's title and image (see above).

i think my novel is part of some thing in Holland or something.

i did a radio interview for German radio today.

my eyes feel hot and strange.

i lay out in the sun on my stomach for a while on the grass and made notes on something.

i don't know how to turn the radiator off in the room that i'm currently in.

i think this is my blog 'over' maybe.

i don't know.

i feel like i have nothing left to write on it.

i will probably write something on it tomorrow.

oh, yeah, Crispin Best's advert for The Bird Room made it onto World Wide Whiskers and generated 1 sale.

thanks, Crispin.

also, i liked reading Crispin Best's Ninja Turtle fiction a lot.

i noticed Crispin Best on gchat today but was invisible and didn't chat to him because i felt mild panic about not getting notes made on the thing that i then went and made notes on.

i am sure Crispin Best feels fine about me not talking to him on gchat.

Crispin Best is a good guy.

hi Crispin.

i might just do Crispin Best updates on here from now on, or just direct messages to Crispin Best.

tomorrow i might change the title of this blog to 'Dear Crispin'.

i don't know.


Crispin Best said...


everything in this makes me very happy

not the bit about your blog being 'over'

hi chris

i miss you

Chris East said...

who is Crispin?

Martin Higgins said...

Chris if you leave me now, you'll take away the very heart of me. OOOOOOOOO. DONT YOU LEAVE.

Peeeeeeeeeeeeeee said...

I'm afraid I can't allow this.

brandon said...

your blog header is really good

Anonymous said...


its me, anonomous, from last months Q&A comment section.

may i ask if you are still required to 'work'?

i am interested from a pov of being in a similar position to yoself



red newsom said...

I think that you should use your blog to promote the awesomeness that is Peppanpine Pizza to the whole world. This is the only logical step forward.

Anonymous said...

hey chris killen

anon here, thanks for getting your back to me! good luck with the teaching.

ooma maw maw ooma maw maw well everybofy heard about the