Friday, 8 May 2009

here is my 'internet technique':


log in - 2-4 times a day.
read all new emails, except Goodreads updates, Twitter notifications, and Guardian Soulmates updates.
reply to hardly anything, for some reason.
use the 'star' function haphazardly, in an attempt to remember to reply to things later (doesn't work).
feel some kind of 'extreme magical force' stopping me from replying to things. walk around -- in Chorlton, near the uni, etc. -- feeling extreme panic at not replying to things.


log in - 1-2 times a day.
accept all friend requests.
look at things.
ignore almost all "what-kind-of-car-are-you?" requests/music events/wall posts/etc.
look at inbox.
reply to nothing. (feels like some kind of computer game, where not replying 'doesn't matter'.)


log in - once a day.
look at messages (almost always from 'horny single American girls who don't exist').
look at friend requests.
accept friend requests if they are: single attractive girls/people who have written books/people who have read my book/people or bands from Manchester.
consider changing profile song.
don't change profile song.


log in - 3-5 times a week.
read 'tweets' by people i like/am friends with (Socrates, Tao Lin, etc.).
write 1-5 'tweets' in quick succession.
extreme, long-lasting feeling 'i am a fucking twat' afterwards.


log in - 0-1 time a month.
read reviews by friends/people i like.
look for new reviews of The Bird Room.
consider 5-starring some books i like.
don't star any books.

[i don't know why i just wrote that.]


red newsom said...

it's a good system

Martin Higgins said...

I'm twittering your mybook. It's a googlegoodread.

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

Have you read "The Mirror Effect"?

Interesting, so far.

Brian Centrone said...


PS. today's word varification was panties. LOL

Brian Centrone said...

PPS. You better start replying to my e-mails or else.

Giles Ruffer said...

I read this post in a bad impersonation of Kryton from Red Dwarf. Saturday night!

Matt DeBenedictis said...

I bet your a muscle car.

Anonymous said...

i bet you're a Big Truck

shot through the heart, but youre to balm, you give love a bad na

Mariana Soffer said...

My day:
updated twitter
updated youtube
updated facebook
updated friendfeed
replied mails
updated twine
updated blog
updated myspace
updated lastfm
updated delicious
updated popego
updated msn profile
updated yahoo profile
updated myself

michael said...


ryan manning said...

i sent an email

Julia Smith said...

Yes but on the other hand, at least you finished your book first.

When I'm trying to write my facebook-blog-clothesshopping-musicdownloading procastination knows no bounds. They are going to have to turn the internet off for a year so I can get to the end...