Tuesday, 12 May 2009


Writer's Bloc posted an interview with me a couple of weeks ago. i didn't link to it, for some reason.

here is the link.

i describe lots of things in the interview.


oh no oh no oh said...

i enjoyed your description of a cat servant quite a lot

Brian Centrone said...

That interviewer was obnoxious. I'll gave you extra points, hat tipping, bellowing or whatever else he wanted to give you if you just sock the twat for me.

sam pink said...

dude this snowboarding is FUCKING X-TREME

Anonymous said...

nice interview, i liked how you answered the question

a ooma maw maw i se a ooma maw maw

what do you think your next story will be about?

when life was so logical, incredible

Ryan W. Bradley said...

“Virginia Silt is a twig. Virginia Silt has done nothing wrong in her entire life. Virginia Silt doesn’t look at herself in the shower. Virginia Silt has a flat chest. Virginia Silt takes the mirror off the hook and faces it towards the wall.”

this was brilliant. i hope that's what your next book is actually about.