Friday, 5 June 2009

i didn't do very well at the crossword today


Giles Ruffer said...

Tell me about it!

Ones I got:
7 down = admiral
12 down = northern
21 across = elm (I got this one by doing it online and using the 'check' button until I got all the letters right).

ryan manning said...

Allergic rhinitis triggered by the pollens of specific seasonal plants is commonly known as "hay fever", because it is most prevalent during haying season.

chris killen said...

hi Giles,

yes. it was a tough one. i remember spelling 'admiral' in my head and it had more letters somehow.

hi Ryan.

Alexander J. Allison said...

i love it. you could make art like this. it would be a good book cover. the confirmation word on this comment is: schag.

Ad Lad said...

Ha funny!

Maybe the Guardian Quick Fuckword is a more appropriate name. It quickly fucks my head up anyway