Thursday, 4 June 2009

pointless list of things

changed: layout on here. deleted things, etc.

tried to: turn it into something i don't feel scared of looking at.

currently addicted to: Guardian quick crossword; averaging 70-80% completion.

really like: this Emperor X trailer -- the part with the tape recorder.

currently listening to: Smudge, probably because it's sunny outside.

won: casiotone mt-41 keyboard on ebay.

received: 2x Muumuu house books. large 'feature review' forthcoming.

have: almost £0 this month due to self assessment tax + being bad at money.

eaten: some biscuits, cereal, a cheese and lettuce sandwich.


Zara, Just. said...

that cat will give me pleasant nightmares.

Tao Lin said...

excited for large review

wonder what you've been doing

what books you have been reading

Catherine Lacey said...

I want to know that too. What have you been putting in your brain?

Shane Jones said...

oh no.

Martin Higgins said...

I have not seen you in some time. I am starting to doubt that you exist. I am Doubting Higgins.

chris killen said...

hi Zara. oh good.

hi Tao. yes, it's going to be a 'three parter' -- will include Ellen's too, and that %s gchat we had, if that's still okay?

i have been doing teaching things at the university. i feel like a fraud. confidence in my own writing is at an 'all time low' i think.

hi Tao and Catherine, i have been reading ... um ... i've read some stories by Dorothy Parker. i think the last thing i read that i really liked and wanted to talk to anyone about was Peru by Gordon Lish.

hi Shane.

sybawrite said...

where are the snowboarding links?

Fat Roland said...

Was that you in Blackwell's the other day? Sorry for not saying hi. I was rushing around like a cat in a pretty bow shop.