Thursday, 9 July 2009

let's get f***ing freaky

i have watched this video somewhere between 1 and 400 times.

i don't know what 'getting f***ing freaky' means.

does it mean one of the following things:

making a strange face and dancing in a stranger's bedroom on your own at a party, saying something to someone that you thought was funny until you started saying it but as you continue saying it realise will be met with either indifference or mild offence, purposefully giving a shopkeeper money using the least amount of coins possible even though your wallet is bulging with small change that you need to get rid of, making a sandwich you don't really want but just think that you should have and then trying to eat it and taking maybe one or two bites and then thowing it away, running the tap for a long time in order to get it really cold while thinking about water shortages in third world countries, passive-aggressively adding people you don't like on facebook/myspace/bebo/twitter, not shaking your penis properly after urinating and then walking down a corridor towards a room where you know you will sit down fully aware that there is a small amount of urine still remaining in your penis that will be expelled by sitting and that the feeling of the urine being expelled will be both pleasurable and shameful, texting a high resolution photo message of your penis to an ex-girlfriend with a word or a sentence written on it maybe something like 'forgive me' or 'i understand' or just 'Megan', sitting on the edge of a bed trying to turn a sock the right way out and thinking you've done it and then looking at the sock and the sock somehow still being inside-out, watching a You Tube clip of small Korean child taking part in a dancing competition on a mysteriously energetic and confusing game show and feeling uncomfortable and thinking something vague about innocence and exploitation and child pornography and then being distracted by a giant flashing Korean sentence frantically moving around the screen, being startled by a sudden violent horrific daydream when you are not a person with violent tendencies something very specific and realistic possibly involving nail scissors, leaving all the lettuce on your plate even though you really like lettuce, or putting on a scarf and taking a long time in the mirror adjusting it and making a face at yourself then carefully taking it off again.

does it just mean 'humping'?

i don't know.


Martin Higgins said...

Hurray for this post. Hurray!

Giles Ruffer said...

"I don't waste my time with lesbians."

Brian Centrone said...

It means this:

"putting on a scarf and taking a long time in the mirror adjusting it and making a face at yourself then carefully taking it off again."

I know this to be true because I do exactly that. Why? Because I'm f***ing freaky.

Socrates Adams-Florou said...

bu bu bu bu bu bu babes

Ben Myers said...

Don't hate the playa - hate the game.

brandon said...

holy shit i laughed

Anonymous said...