Friday, 10 July 2009

reaction to videos

reaction to watching video for the first time:

0:08 -- 'why am i talking so quickly? calm down.'
0:18 -- 'just start reading.'
0:24 -- 'my posture is really bad. my neck. i am wearing the same 'costume' today as in the video.'
0:34 -- 'oh god.'
0:44 -- 'stand up straight.'
1:08 -- 'my voice sounds weird. oh god.'
1:15 -- 'is that Mark E. Smith in the bottom left photo?'
1:38 -- 'oh god, i can't watch this anymore.'
1:40 -- stopped watching.

reaction to watching video:

0:13 -- 'this is really professional.'
0:33 -- 'i feel nostalgic. Crossing Border was fun.'
1:10 -- 'i wasn't filmed much. maybe i'm not going to be in the video.'
1:39 -- 'oh, that's a Cass McCombs song.'
1:57 -- 'nice cover.'
2:47 -- 'oh, there i am in the background.'
3:17 -- 'Hester was cool. i like Hester.'
3:29 -- 'oh god.'
3:34 -- 'that was weird, when i read that bit at the school.'
3:49 -- 'i wish i understood Dutch.'
4:53 -- 'i like Cass McCombs. this is a strange song to feature, though.'
5:14 -- 'i guess they edited me out. probably because i sound like a twat.'
8:14 -- 'oh, there i am again in the background.'
8:48 -- 'i look like i'm asleep.'
9:10 -- 'oh god. shut up.'


Ken Baumann said...

I enjoyed watching you read.

Anonymous said...


excruciatingly pathetic. no wonder you ignored my comments.

watup Giles! i'm still anonymous. but if you want to find me my name's Kholo Nathi. i don't have a blogspot but am easily found on campus at Columbia. i'm in the English department on a Fulbright scholarship.

i think of words as weapons.

Brian Centrone said...

What a waste of good grant money...

You seemed really nervous, Chris, but your depiction of Paul Simon's life was spot on. Finally the truth. Finally the truth.

Anonymous said...

i'm sorry. that was crass and uncalled for. i've gone too far.

i just wanted to get an honest opinion on this writing. it seems very insulated. everyone seems so agreeable most of the time, and it's hardly ever that any of the work is critiqued. i find this odd.

but i admit, my comments have gone overboard. apologies Giles, Brian and all who were offended. you too, Chris.

do what makes you happy.

moving right on...

u.v.ray said...


I've been reading your nasty little replies to a number of posts here.

You know, you'd be better off channeling your energies into writing your own book. Try it. You'll feel better.

Giles Ruffer said...

Funny. I think the term "excruciatingly pathetic" would be something I'd use to describe someone who goes about flashing their fulbright scholarship credentials like nobodies business.

I don't think you have anything to apologise to me about Kholo. I think constructive criticism is vital in keeping the online alternative literature scene moving, otherwise it just becomes a dead shark. The thing is, most of the readers are writers too. It's the same old thing about poetry journals getting more submissions than subscriptions. So you're unlikely to find much criticisms on a scene so young coming from within the scene itself.

Reading your previous comment on cowardice made me wonder whether or not you had actually read 'The Bird Room'. The ending especially springs to mind, with Clair saying goodbye to her imaginary sister and walking away from her old life. Here, Chris is clearly showing a progression away from cowardice and towards forming a real identity for herself (seems like something many find impossible, living in a decade that doesn't even have a name). You can hear echoes of Sartre's lecture 'Existentialism and Humanism.'

"If you are born cowards, you can be quite content, you can do nothing about it and you will always be cowards all your lives whatever you do; and if you are born heroes you can again be quite content; you will be heroes all your lives, eating and drinking heroically. Whereas the existentialist says that the coward makes himself cowardly, the hero makes himself heroic; and that there is always the possibility for the coward to give up cowardice and for the hero to stop being a hero."


Chris, I'm sorry about this tangent away from the post topic. You are a good man. You have a similar voice and mannerisms, albeit less camp, to my friend Matt J. Made me find your reading endearing (I don't mean that to sound patronising in anyway).

DJ Berndt said...

You should post more readings, I like it a lot.

ryan manning said...


Sarah Reid said...

Matt J, yes!

Also, hello Chris, I met you once and by sheer coincidence I am also friends with Mr. Giles Ruffer.


Rebecca said...

chris - you did a great job at the time and a great job being a film star. i was wobbling about with my free becks beer having the time of my life.

Fat Roland said...

Thank you for posting my chap book back in the day.

Did someone just type "watup!"? Crikes.

Ian D Smith said...

Good review in The View From Here! My story Telescopes is in TVFH too. You don't need to have hangups about your cool south Manchester accent. I'm from Stockport. Small world. I did a podcast called Frictionfiction at home with a good mike for a couple of years and learned a lot about inflection and silence. The Manchester accent needs a lot of that, then it starts to sound really cool and confident. Well done with the fiction, mate. All the best.

brandon said...

sometimes i laughed watching the video

Anonymous said...