Friday, 9 October 2009

readings, etc.

i have some readings coming up this month:

Saturday, 10th Oct -- Cheltenham Literature Festival, in a special free Canongate/Highland Park 'Keynotes' tent, 3:30 and 7:30pm (think you get a free glass of whisky at this one)
Monday, 12th Oct -- Bolton Octagon, w/ Annie Clarkson, 8pm
Thurdsday, 22nd Oct -- Edge Hill, Liverpool, 7:30pm
Friday, 23rd Oct -- Lancaster Litfest, w/ Jenn Ashworth and Richard Milward, 9:30pm
???, ??? Oct -- Keele University

we're also organising the next NO POINT night for 19th of October at Matt & Phred's in Manchester. Matt Welton, Jacob Polley and Adelle Stripe booked to read. should be good fun.


i went on holiday somewhere for a week and had a nice time and then got scratched on the face by a cat.


read SHOPLIFTING FROM AMERICAN APPAREL recently. really liked it. feel somehow completely unable to write a review of it, even a subjective one, further than 'really liked it'.

also really liked the "JESUS CHRIST." (the indie band) track here.


reading A GATE AT THE STAIRS. about halfway through. don't want it to end. my favourite sentence so far has been about lawn furniature.


my girlfriend looked up 'Cat Scratch Fever' on wikipedia after i got scratched on the face by the cat on holiday. apparently it takes up to three weeks to materialise.


Peter Wild from Bookmuch asked me if i would like to interview Lorrie Moore by email. said yes. feel very excited and terrified at the idea of this. want to somehow simultaneously become 'BFF-s' with Lorrie Moore and also send the kind of icy-cold questions that will impress her with my 'professionalism'.


my mobile broadband dongle is broken.


Frank Morgan said...

and he's back!

i haven't just been waiting for you to update your page BTW, like a creepy cyber stalker refreshing the page every minute, not sleeping, growing a massive beard, endlessly refreshing and waiting.

just popping by - honest

cat scratch fever sounds like it could be a song or dance from the 1920's


red newsom said...

26th! :)

ryan manning said...

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Anonymous said...