Thursday, 17 December 2009

6:28pm Thursday evening special photo post!

collected a box from the post office containing ten copies of the new, smaller, £7.99 version of The Bird Room, out 19th of January, i think.

it's £2 smaller than the trade paperback.

i need to do the washing up.

my coin collection fell over.

i made signs today and put them up in places, as part of my 'Hundred Days to Make Me a Better Person' attempt. i've registered, and set up an automatic response (email it if you would like to read the thing it sends you). also willing to take on 'online' jobs -- reading an essay and looking for grammatical errors, writing an email on your behalf, etc., etc.

it snowed earlier.


Fat Roland said...

I've just sent a blank email to find out more about the hundred days thing, although, quite frankly, you lost me at "anything that could lead to injury". Dammit. The only fun is injury-filled fun.

Tao Lin said...

i enjoyed this blog post, seems interesting

Catherine Lacey said...

My word verification word is Scone and this post was great. You can come help me move my bookshelf from one room to another room.

happyian said...

Your coins! Hahahaha. I have a cat that does that for me.

ryan manning said...

brittany murphy

j. a. tyler said...

can I paypal you for a copy of the new, smaller version of the novel?

Brian Centrone said...

What's the reason behind the smaller, cheaper "The Bird Room?"

Masande Ntshanga said...

interested in reading your novel.

Marvin K. Mooney said...

We are you. Please believe me.

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