Friday, 19 June 2009

Muumuu House feature review

1. Muumuu House:

Muumuu House is an independent publishing company set up by Tao
Lin. it publishes short fiction, poetry and other things on its website. so far it has published three books -- Sometimes My Heart Pushes My Ribs by Ellen Kennedy, During My Nervous Breakdown I Want to Have a Biographer Present by Brandon Scott Gorrell, and The Brandon Book Crisis, a limited-edition 'thriller' by Brandon Scott Gorrell and Tao Lin. i like Muumuu House a lot. i feel glad that it exists.

2. picture of During My Nervous Breakdown I Want to Have a Biographer Present by Brandon Scott Gorrell on the floor of my flat:

3. short review of
During My Nervous Breakdown I Want to Have a Biographer Present by Brandon Scott Gorrell:

i first read this book as a word doc. about a year and a half ago. it doesn't feel like that long, but i just checked by looking at an interview i did with Brandon on gch
at, shortly after i read it. click here for the interview. the poems in During My Nervous Breakdown ... in my opinion epitomise a certain kind of writing -- 'internet writing' or something. it feels to me like almost everything good about that style of writing is summed up in these poems. shortly after i read During My Nervous Breakdown ... for the second time, i had a dream where it was the end of the world -- there was a giant fire slowly consuming everything, moving towards Manchester -- and i was trying to decide whether to be burnt alive or shoot myself in the head (i'd found a gun from somewhere). i don't think i made a decision in the end. i just woke up and lay in bed for a while. i like the poems in this book a lot.

4. picture of The Brandon Book Crisis on one of the hobs in my kitchen:

5. short review of The Brandon Book Crisis by Brandon Scott Gorrell and Tao Lin:

i read this on a train journey. it took about an hour or so to read. the book is selected correspondence between Brandon and Tao -- text messages, emails, gmail chats -- and the employees of Thomson-Shore (a book-printing company). Brandon and Tao are trying to get copies of During My Nervous Breakdown ... printed. there are problems with the cover, with the colours not being 'rich enough' or something. a lot of the emails and gchats are about trying to get the colours right for the cover. one of the problems they faced was in getting a 'rich' enough black. i noticed that if you put them next to each other, the black on During My Nervous Breakdown ... (left) is indeed 'richer' than the black on the cover of The Brandon Book Crisis (right):

i think this is maybe a visual in joke. The Brandon Book Crisis taught me what RGB and CMYK were. between the cover discussions are conversations about small things going on in their lives. it's funny and very likeable. i enjoyed reading Brandon's and Tao's 'professional' emails to the Thompson-Shore employees. i felt a lot of empathy. i don't know. it does actually work as a 'thriller', too, maybe, kind of, i don't know. there were moments when i was sort of 'willing' everything to be okay, regarding the cover problems anyway. i think i would enjoy reading this, even if i'd never heard of or corresponded with either of the authors. Jimmy Chen wrote a much better review. click here for the much better review.

6. missing picture of Sometimes My Heart Pushes My Ribs by Ellen Kennedy

[i can't find my copy. i have looked behind things and underneath things. i looked in my bag and behind the books on my bookcase. i looked under some DVDs. i looked around in my bedroom even though i was almost 100% sure it would not be in there. it wasn't there. oh dear.]

7. extremely short, apologetic, one-sentence 'review' of Sometimes My Heart Pushes My Ribs by Ellen Kennedy

i liked this a lot and recommend it highly, but currently feel unable to review it due to not being able to find it anywhere in my flat + my very rubbish memory + generally feeling useless and distracted.

8. i asked Tao Lin some questions about Sometimes My Heart Pushes My Ribs by Ellen Kennedy and asked him to answer them in percentages:
mehow proud are you of publishing ellen's book?
Tao: 90%
me: how proud do you think ellen is of having her poetry book published?
Tao: 10-90%
00:49 me: how much do you think ellen's book will alleviate depression in general in america in 2009
00:50 Tao: .0000001-.05%
00:51 me: how much would 'someone's mom' like ellen kennedy's poetry book, if they found it in their son/daughter's room, if, for instance, they were just in there cleaning?
Tao: 0-100%
00:52 me:
00:53 how much will ellen's book be talked about in serious poetry/literature MA (UK)/ MFA's?
Tao: 20.340389710493784-80.1029378120947%
me:how much is the 'content' of ellen's book similar to other future muumuu house books you either know or imagine will be published in the future?
Tao: 62-96%


the anthology Paint A Vulgar Picture: Fiction inspired by The Smiths is out now.

i have a short story in it. my story is called 'Stretch Out and Wait'. it's a 'science fiction' story, kind of. it has a futuristic element. my friend Jenn Ashworth also has a story in the anthology.

i'm reading at two things next week:

on Tuesday 23rd, i'll be reading something from The Bird Room at this thing in Norwich, along with Jenn Ashworth and Joe Dunthorne.

on Wednesday 24th, i'll be reading something from 'Paul Simon' at the launch for LOOPS at the Rough Trade shop in London (scroll down). the thing i have in LOOPS (not much on the website yet) is a reprint of my 'Paul Simon' chapbook. i think it's now called 'Paul Simon gives Chevy Chase the finger'. i've heard this 'on the grapevine'. i haven't seen a copy yet. i hear they look very nice. Simon Armitage and Hari Kunzru will also be reading, i think, and then there's music by James Yorkston.

Monday, 8 June 2009

watford + interview

i went to Watford on Sunday to do a reading (see three posts down). no one came. i sat around with the organisers in an empty room in a library for half an hour and then we went to the pub.


i read 'the brandon book crisis' on the train back. highly recommended.

also: 3am posted a long interview with me.

Thursday, 4 June 2009

pointless list of things

changed: layout on here. deleted things, etc.

tried to: turn it into something i don't feel scared of looking at.

currently addicted to: Guardian quick crossword; averaging 70-80% completion.

really like: this Emperor X trailer -- the part with the tape recorder.

currently listening to: Smudge, probably because it's sunny outside.

won: casiotone mt-41 keyboard on ebay.

received: 2x Muumuu house books. large 'feature review' forthcoming.

have: almost £0 this month due to self assessment tax + being bad at money.

eaten: some biscuits, cereal, a cheese and lettuce sandwich.