Tuesday, 16 February 2010

fences, story, rejection digest, word mole

Ben Brooks sent me a copy of FENCES. received it this morning. good, scary sentences. my favourite so far (i am at page 30-something) is 'Big green tick over my body.'


Stephen O'Toole won The Beats 'write a story with a room and birds in it to win a copy of The Bird Room' competition with THIS STORY. i like Stephen's story a lot.


REJECTION DIGEST has posted some stories.


i bought a blackberry phone last month. feel confused and grown-up whenever i look at or use it. made a music video/jingle for one of the things on it. not sure if i have somehow 'crossed a line' in doing this:

please email (chriskillen@gmail.com) if you would like the full lyrics.


sarah san said...

g'luck with the blackberry.
i don't know if i'll ever understand them. it does feel like a grown up 'tool'.

Anonymous said...

I am a hugely important marketing guy from Word Mole Industries. I would like to pay you approximately one million pounds for your viral advertising campaign for Word Mole. I have already patented the slogan 'How's about some peppers?' and I have patented adding an echo to the word 'Mole' in any context.

Please get in touch with me at moreworld@wordmole.com


Sergei Prokefiov

Peter said...

I even ended up doing a blog post about word mole, Chris.