Wednesday, 3 March 2010

great sitcom:


Crispin Best said...

great characters

Chris East said...


jensenwilder said...

you should have named it.

"the one without the cat mask"

so as to fool everyone.

wonderful and sweet. good job.

Ben Brooks said...

you are fit

nick said...

i hear susan surroundsound is guest starring as malcolms daughter next week. exciting.

Martin Higgins said...

This was lovely. I had a great time.

Socrates Adams-Florou said...

this really should have had more props in it also it is unrealistic

Crispin Best said...

who askd u? what kind've surname's 'florou' neway? keep ur opinons to urself

Catherine Lacey said...

Oh my god, I love it. Please make more. Also, please move to New York so I can be a third character.

Martin said...

Haha. I saw you when you came to Edge Hill Uni to read The Bird Room; tis great to see an established novel writer with a decent and up-to-date sense of humour. Ten thousand thumbs up

richard owain roberts said...

on this is down for a re-boot with ben stiller and vince vaughan 'attached'.

will you have cameos?

chris killen said...

crispin, thanks.

chris, thanks!!!

jensen, sorry/thanks.

ben, thanks.

nick, exciting.

martin, thanks.

socrates, sorry.

crispin, sorry.

catherine, thanks.

martin, thanks.

richard, we will have cameltoes.