Wednesday, 17 March 2010


trying to finish novel draft. thinking occasionally about symbolism. here is some symbolism i just found in things lying around in my flat:

salt and pepper donkey on coffee table

easy: the salt symbolises 'i am running out of money'. the pepper symbolises 'creative freedom/not needing to have a shower'. the donkey symbolises 'someone bought you this in Greece as a present -- you have friends'.

pair of scissors on floor near stereo

bit more difficult: possibly communicating an equal mixture of 'the last time you had your haircut it looked rubbish' and 'just put them away'.

big bit of screwed up paper next to cardboard box

ambiguous. 'Lynchean'. 'dreamlike'. probably something to do with sexual awakening.

collection form from the post office

another easy one: the red border symbolises 'don't go out of the flat' while the white rectangles symbolises 'you need to go out of the flat in order to collect something from the post office'.


i feel excited about adding all sorts of subtle symbolism into my novel draft.


update: just cut my thumb on a tin while making dinner. what is the risk of tetanus? am i okay? (should probably post this on yahoo answers instead of here.)


update: just posted it on yahoo answers.


update: thumb much better now.


update: someone blogged about my novel.


sarah said...

i give everything meaning,
to me, everything is a symbol, sign, for something I'm overlooking.

once a saw a lemon in the street,
and i still think about it.

DJ Berndt said...

I love that you actually posted it on Yahoo! Answers. You are a kind man, indeed.

Frank Morgan said...

i think the guy blogging about your novel hasn't really picked up on the main themes, but he did seem to enjoy it so who cares, another great review!

Socrates Adams-Florou said...

quick question. that donkey still has both of its ears attached, right?