Monday, 17 May 2010

five wikipedia pages i looked at recently:


spent somewhere between 2-6 days thinking about this film. watched it directly after reading the wikipedia page. felt it 'fully lived up' to what i hoped it would be. found the full thing on megavideo shortly afterwards. also, incidentally, learned how to circumvent megavideo's 70min time limit (just clear your cookies, etc., possibly reset your internet if you have wifi and return to the site).


only found out about this film last night. felt extremely interested in the premise of the film but not sure if i could actually watch it. have now spent well over 90mins thinking about the central premise. not sure if i would have spent less time thinking about it if i'd just gone ahead and watched it, or whether it would haunt me for the rest of my life.


looked at this one for about 4 seconds with almost 0% interest.


felt excited about this film, but felt let down by the 3-5 clips i subsequently watched on YouTube. now have pretty much no interest in viewing the whole film.


Crispin Best emailed me the link to this page. thanks, Crispin. felt like he was mildy 'ribbing me', maybe. didn't mind being 'mildly ribbed' if that was, indeed, his intention. had already seen this wikipedia page sometime in the past year or two (probably late at night, drunk, possibly during a moment of 'extreme [something-or-other]' while searching for my own name on wikipedia). felt unsure whether or not to email Crispin back pretending i didn't know about it. have, so far, left the email unanswered. sorry, Crispin.


Crispin Best said...

don't think i was ribbing you at all.
pretty much thought it was good absolutely.
have always thought it must be a bit annoying re: that footballer w/ your name.
was genuinely glad/surprised to see you on there, but also the article seems funny, i think, definitely, somehow, regardless of your involvement.
srsly you'd better answer that email.

chris killen said...

still not replied to email.

Crispin Best said...

ticked notifications box so that comment actually arrived in my inbox.
trying to decide whether that counts as a reply.
think it definitely does.

Camille Chen said...

hey Chris,

Camille speaking, yeah, the one from Taiwan. You attended my birthday party remember it?

Late congrats to your novel:), which Nadia told me months ago. I am also writing a novel too, hopefully published by the end of this year. I will published it firstly in Chinese then in English. Yeah, my dream is to be an internationally recognised novelist. In July I am going to London, and get your novel from a bookshop.

I am currently living in Brussels now. If you come here, welcome to let me know.

My email address is:

Good Luck with your writing and let's continue writing:)

Best Wishes,