Tuesday, 11 May 2010

haikus, other magazine, etc.

i have had a haiku accepted for the forthcoming issue of IsReads.

wrote lots of haikus to submit.

recorded 7 of the remaining 'unsuccessful' haikus for a new internet magazine called 'OTHER'.

(warning: the 7 haikus are extremely unsuccessful.)

'OTHER' is edited by this person and this person and other people. it is worth checking back on it often, there's lots of good stuff lined up.

thought i had something else to link to, too.

can't remember what it was now.


Brian Centrone said...

I'm running a contest on my blog to promote my latest publication. I think you and your readers might like to enter. Head on over to www.the-sausage-factory.blogspot.com

Kathryn said...

unsuccessful haikus are my new favorite genre. can we use this as a promo for the upcoming issue? it is so good. also xxxxx was my favorite haiku that you submitted. i wanted it to win.

chris killen said...

Brian, hope your contest goes well.

Kathryn, totally use it as a promo if you think it would help.