Friday, 16 July 2010

desktop battle #3

i have had a submission for the next desktop battle.

it is from Socrates Adams-Florou (editor of 'Other' and all-round gg).

Socrates' desktop is being pitted against Fat Roland's so-far-unbeaten, extremely innovative and tidy desktop.

the rules are simple: look at the two desktops and decide which is tidier. place your vote in the comments.

Fat Roland's desktop:


Socrates' desktop:

which is tidier?

(just had a daydream about the question 'which is tidier?' becoming a kind of 'viral catchphrase',
like a 'post-millennium 'Gladiators ready'' or something. for instance, maybe i am standing at a busstop in a year's time and two school children are looking at some litter on the pavement - an empty crisp packet and a rain-sodden cigarette packet - and one of them says "which is tidier?")


Fat Roland said...

Oh shit.

DJ Berndt said...

hahahaha. Socrates' actually made me laugh out loud. I think I'll vote for Socrates this time.

chris killen said...

thank you for voting, DJ.

voting closes 12pm(GMT) tomorrow.

9/10ths Full of Penguins said...

Sorry Mr Roland. I think Socrates has you here. I vote for him this time.

rach said...

No! How does Socrates ever find anything?? I vote for fat roland :-)

Socrates Adams-Florou said...

rach, i want to remind you that this is a contest of 'tidiness', not 'efficiency/practicality'

i want this.

Ben Brooks said...

socrates 'ftw'

Dave Hartley said...

I agree with Rach, the path to organisation begins with tidiness. Fats has ma vote

chris killen said...

voting is now closed, btw.

think voting closed after maybe one vote.

i am going to include all the votes anyway.

Socrates wins, 3-2.

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