Wednesday, 21 July 2010

desktop battle #4

i have had a new submission for desktop battles.

the new challenger is
Dave Hartley.

Dave seems eager to win. here, in full, is Dave's submission email (titled 'a new challenger approaches'):

You may have put this to bed already but I do have a
tidy desktop.
I believe Fats was robbed and I want justice

in a follow up email, Dave says, 'I am very excited to be joining the battle arena. I am also determined to win'

Dave's desktop is being pitted against current title-holder Socrates Adams-Florou's extremely tidy 'magic eye' style desktop.

rules are simple: look at the two desktops and decide which is tidier. place your vote in the comments.


Socrates' desktop:


Dave's desktop:

which is tidier?

also worth looking at, possibly, is previous title-holder Fat Roland's poem about losing Desktop Battle #3, in the comment section of this post (third comment).

[a note on the typeface: i panicked about Verdana (largest) and, in a moment of 'weak will/indecision/being in a university computer cluster as a group of students suddenly come in to have an IT lecture', have reverted back to Times New Roman (normal). still unsure about the future typeface of this blog. please bear with me during this difficult decision. i thank you all for your patience and support.]


Dave Hartley said...

bring it on

Socrates Adams-Florou said...

i'd definitely vote for dave if it were a 'fanciness' contest

Matthew Bionic said...

Technically, the Socrates desktop is more tidy because there's more to keep tidy. So I vote for Dave Hartley.

chris killen said...

dave, socrates, calm down guys.

matthew, thank you for voting.

Fat Roland said...

I'm torn. On one hand is Dave's kind defence of my disgraceful defeat. On the other hand, there's Socrates' rugged manliness. This'll be close.

Willow Hewitt said...

"Find a bin *clap* *clap*,
Find a bin *clap* *clap*,
Find a bin and put it in."

That's a song we sang in primary school assembly (a lot). I tried to find a YouTube video of the song to share with you, but unfortunately, typing the lyrics into the search bar bring up lots of clips entitled 'Why can't we find Osama Bin Landen?'.

So, in summary, terrorism is bad because it ruins my childhood memories, and Hartley should win because he conforms to primary school songs.

Fat Roland said...

Last night, I dreamt about the contenders.

I dreamt about Socrates tidying his desktop.

I dreamt about Dave Hartley tidying his desktop.

Socrates was wearing a tuxedo beneath a purple dressing gown.

Dave had morphed into a rabbit with devil horns and blood-stained jaws.

Socrates had Jazz FM on the radio.

Dave had, in his grip, the severed head of Roger Moore.

I vote for Socrates.

DJ Berndt said...

I vote Socrates.

chris killen said...

leaving voting open for another day, to heighten the drama.

feels very dramatic at the moment.

Dave Hartley said...

thanks Fats after all my support as well. tonight your dream will be scarier - it will be your head severed.

Sara said...

I vote for Dave's desk top.... its like the after effect of his tidy.. the other is like working progress.
Dave to win!

Sarah-Clare Conlon said...

I'm voting for Little Dave. His support of the Keep Britain Tidy campaign had me gripped from the start. Plus, I think Socrates' desktop has induced a mild panic attack, and he's already had the honour of being a champ. Nail-biting stuff...

BountyBar64 said...

Dave for the win. He gets my vote. Plus half a vote for Socrates. And a quarter vote just sitting there, unallocated and a bit useless.

Stephen O'Toole said...

i vote for socrates' desk because it seems tidier. that is what this is about right? he also seems to 'want' it more. he seems 'hungry'. whereas the other guy seems 'full'.

Janey said...

Im voting for Dave because he told me to do it

Vaughan said...

Socrates' magic eye desktop does it for me. Indeed, I kind of want it on my own desktop. I imagine staring at that beautiful yet tidy screen all day would provide an out-of-body experience akin to smoking six armfuls of a certain substance. What's not to love?

Frankly, you're all lucky that I didn't enter my desktop. It's all black. Just black. Nothingness.

Justice said...

i vote for socrates because dave asked janey to vote for him

Socrates Adams-Florou said...

dear justice, i have also asked some people to vote for me, so chris, please do not count justice's vote. fair-play is very important

chris killen said...

voting closes 12pm(BST (GMT+1)) tomorrow.

it's so close.

don't know how i'm going to get to sleep tonight.

chris killen said...

voting closes 12pm(BST (GMT+1)) tomorrow.

it's so close.

don't know how i'm going to get to sleep tonight.

Pippi in the Doghouse said...

something tells me that socrates' desktop is the tidiest thing i have ever seen. i feel somehow compelled to write this.

Crispin Best said...

i vote socrates because i don't understand dave's desktop very well but i feel like i understand socrates's very well

Rob said...


fellhouse said...

Socrates' desktop.

Socrates' desktop looks tidy and well-organised, whereas Dave's looks like a picture of a guy tidying a desktop up, which is very different.

Also, I think there is one bin too many on Dave's desktop. I don't think that's very tidy.

(Sorry Dave. I'm sure you're gg through and through).

Benjamin Judge said...

I was going to stay neutral on this but I feel I must mention that while both are very tidy indeed Dave's also encourages tidiness in others. Since I saw the picture of his desktop I have reduced the amount of times I carelessly throw my Aztec bar wrappers and Spicy Tomato Snaps packets on the floor and I have completely refrained from fly tipping old fridges on local nature reserves. On this basis I have to vote for Dave.

Rebecca said...

I feel calm when I look at Soco's desktop. Tidiness makes me calm. Ergo, I vote Soco.

Crispin Best said...

i have already voted but i thought if i vote again chris might not notice and he might give socrates two votes by accident

('side point'/'for future reference': think the pictures should be ENLARGEABLE if at all possible)

i vote socrates

Albert said...

am wholeheartedly pledging my support for socrates with a vote

sarah san said...

yours is good
i like it a lot.

but i have to go with soco's.
i like his because its just so tidy.

chris killen said...

socrates wins with 11 & a half votes.

dave came second with 8 votes.

(please someone feel free to count the votes in case i'm wrong.)

chris killen said...

also, thank you everyone for voting.

crispin, yes, in future i will try and make the desktops clickable-for-enlargement-purposes. just sort of assumed that would happen when i uploaded the screenshots. don't know why it didn't.