Monday, 19 July 2010

desktop battle update

Socrates won desktop battle #3.

click here to view his winning desktop.

Socrates is new title holder of 'world's tidiest desktop of all time, 2010'.

if you want to submit a desktop, to try and beat his desktop (in terms of tidiness), please email a screenshot to


feel desktop battles has run it's course. or maybe could continue quietly and be updated maybe once every week or two.

i need a new gimmick.

here are my ideas so far:

  • blog novel.
  • a three-posts-a-day 'my life' photo blog (feet at busstop, view out of window, what i had for lunch, alarm clock, blurry lights in bar, etc.).
  • magazine-style articles on things, completely free of sarcasm/irony, written as if i was getting paid for them (except i'm not).
  • extemely emotive, 'serious' poetry, one poem per day, for a year. (again, completely free of irony, probably coming across as quite emo, probably containing words like 'ruby' and 'mewling' and 'candle'.)
  • once a week updates on The Bird Room, for the rest of my life.
  • a 'writing blog' style blog (short posts about my 'process', my desk, etc., usually ending with a question like 'what kind of pencil do you guys use?' in order to promote discussion.)
  • a giant, once-a-week link list, mostly to things i have seen anyway that week on the internet, but occasionally including something i have searched for on google just before compiling the list -- like a funny video of a cat eating a golfball or a serious Guardian-books style post on 'did the novel end with Updike?' or a link to a photo blog of someone who has shelved 600 kindles in a real bookcase or whatever -- in order to make it seem more literary/wacky/[something].
  • something else.
what would you like to see this blog turn into?

what kind of pencil do you guys use?

please vote in the comments.


Crispin Best said...

i vote 'list'
also wish you'd use some more different colours, font sizes, more embedded videos, songs, pictures, animated gifs etc

sarah san said...

whooooooo socko!

i vote for 'my life'

and i usually dont use pencils just pens.

Fat Roland said...

I am not happy. I have directed my upset and anger through meaningful verse:


When the challenge came one Friday
Of ‘is your desktop tidy’,
I thought I’d show some willing
And face the might of Killen.

My shelf-ish way of filing
Left the Killen cat unsmiling:
In round one I was victorious –
The second round, just as glorious:

A secret Bounty Bar
Had an unsuccessful spar.
I remained the title folder
Against a single folder.

A gold run? Let's make it five!
“Not so!” said Chicken and Pies.
(I was not at ease at all
At Socrates’s gall.)

My defeat was quite spontaneous
As an army of Miscellaneous
Laid waste in a third round smack-down
To my weedy desktop background.

While I may not have survived
It’s nice this blog’s revived.
I look forward to the endless prattle
And the tidy desktop battle.


Thank you. I am available for poet laurateship at the earliest opportunity.

Socrates Adams-Florou said...

just read your poem, fat-o. it's lovely.