Monday, 26 July 2010


i have changed my blog template, for International Change Your Blog Template Day.

if you would like to join in, just change your template some time today before midnight.

i am happy to include links, screenshots, etc. here.

email me a screenshot of your blog before the template change ( and i'll post a link on here.

happy ICYBT day, everyone.



Stephen O'Toole is taking part in ICYBT day.

he forgot to take a screenshot of his old blog before changing the template, but has sent a drawing of it instead.

here is Stephen's old blog template:

here is Stephen's new template.

here is a quote from Stephen re: ICYBTD:

"we could all learn something from ICYBT day, though i didn't"
good work, Stephen.



Ani Smith is taking part, too.

here is a screenshot of Ani's usual blog template:

and here is Ani's new blog template.

good work, Ani.

i felt confused looking at the new template.



Dolly Peg & The Untruths has also changed her (their?) blog template.

unfortunately she was unable to provide a screenshot, BTC (before template change).

in her own words:

technology has let me down and won't let me paste a print screen of it! I think I've got a computer mutiny going on at the flamboyance of my new blog page layout.

here is her new template.

good work, Dolly.


Socrates Adams-Florou said...

searched for 'fruit and veg blog' and somehow still managed to arrive here

Dolly Peg and The Untruths said...

I think I'm going to embrace the change and the spirit of ICYBTD and keep my new template...a revolutionary in the making.