Thursday, 29 July 2010

ICYTD round up

thanks to everyone who took part in the 1st annual ICYBT day.

think, out of the four participants, two (Stephen and Dolly) have decided to keep their new templates.

i have gone back to my old template.

forgot to take a screenshot of my changed template. for anyone who missed it, it looked a bit like this.

also forgot to take a screenshot of Ani Smith's new template (who has also gone back to her original template).


here is an attempt at creating Ani's ICYBTD template, using MS Paint:

anyway. really felt like we made some history. good work, everyone.


Ani Smith said...

ahahaha, that is pretty much exactly what it looked like.

this felt good.

let's play 'old skool blogging' again soon.

we need a meme or something.

N. God Savage said...

Hello. I am sad that I missed ICYBT day. I am also sad that I missed Ani's pink template (does that sound like a euphemism?)

Anonymous said...

afternoon Mr. Killen

i did a cat video and though you may want to see it

hope you like it, it's got cats in it



Tom said...