Tuesday, 20 July 2010


i just had an idea.

i am proposing an international 'change your blog template' day.

i am proposing this coming monday - Monday, 26th of July - as International Change Your Blog Template Day (ICYBTD, for short).

is anyone interested in joining me on changing their blog templates for one day only?

(i think you can save your current template on blogger, so you can revert back to your normal template again on Tuesday, 27th of July. i've done it before, it's quite easy, i think.)

i am excited about the idea of blogs i normally look at on Monday, 26th of July suddenly looking completely shitty/terrifying/confusing/hard to navigate/much better/just completely different.

if you are interested in getting involved with the first annual 'ICYBT' day, please express your interest in the comments below.

i am happy to use my blog as a 'hub' for that day, possibly hosting screenshots of your usual blog template, along with a link to your now completely shitty/terrifying/confusing/hard to navigate/much better/just completely different-looking blog.

come on ggs!

let's make some history!


Socrates Adams-Florou said...

i'm not sacrificing the artistic integrity of my blog for some shitty made up turd-festival

Fat Roland said...


thespyglass said...

I will do this because I want to be liked. I am so desperate to be liked that I just had a little practice in advance of the 'big day'.

DJ Berndt said...

I will participate. There is no integrity in my blog.

Crispin Best said...

i would like to be involved

chris killen said...

socrates, okay.

fat roland, sorry.

thespyglass, hooray. i like you.

dj, thank you. 'sweet'

crispin, hooray.

i will make another post about ICYBTD nearer to the day.

Ani Smith said...

i'm in.

also: OW MY EYES

sarah san said...

lets do this.

Dolly Peg and The Untruths said...

Count me in, why not, nothing ventured nothing gained...it could be the start of a revolution.

chris killen said...

ani, dolly, sarah, thank you for wanting to be involved.


going to post again about this before the 'big day'.

excited to see all your shitty/terrifying new blog templates.