Friday, 9 July 2010

update #1

i've moved flats again. i now live in a flat in an ex-hotel. i have actual broadband again, instead of mobile 'piece-of-shit' broadband. i am going to update this more. i went to london and met some internet people including this person and this person and this person and this person and this person and one thing people asked me was 'why don't you update your blog anymore?' and i think i started saying something embarrassing in reply. anyway, my point is: having proper broadband is exciting. i have been listening to things i hadn't previously listened to on Spotify. had actual 'holy shit' moments with Why? and Of Montreal. hooray.

i have a tidy desktop now. see header. (screenshot taken maybe 10 mins ago.)

i have the tidiest desktop.

feel like i want to enter my desktop in a 'tidy desktop' competition.

like the 'Crufts of destops' or something.

my desktop will be judged on the following:

  • overall tidiness.
  • tidiness innovations, i.e. folders within folders, etc.
  • aesthetics, i.e. how many columns of icons, etc.

feel 90% confident my desktop would at least 'place' in a competition of this sort.

quite happy to have a 'desktop battle' if there are any contenders? email me a screenshot of your desktop ( and i will post it on here vs. my desktop.

also, here are some things from recently and recently-ish:

i interviewed Zachary German for 3:AM Magazine. (features picture of Zachary German wearing a coat.)

i was interviewed for Writer's Pet. (features pictures of my cat and desk.)

i had a haiku accepted as part of IsReads7.(features picture of printed-out haiku stuck to something somewhere in America.) lots of other haikus worth reading, too.

think that's it.

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