Friday, 16 July 2010

update #3

i keep listening to why? on spotify.

my current spotify routine is to open spotify and log in and wait for it to load and then type why? into the search bar and then click on why? from the list of bands and then listen to why? on spotify.

it often feels like 'some kind of unending house party, complete with ups and downs and panic and drugs and maybe hand-holding' listening to Why? on spotify.

i am having a nice time.


i liked this article about 'the art of seduction' by Ben Brooks.


i liked this thing about twitter feeds by Brandon Scott Gorrell.


i liked these photos (scary and amazing and possibly 'nsfw').


i am reading a short story at a magazine launch today, at 5pm, at the Sand Bar in Manchester.


i just submitted 'gg' to urban dictionary.


Ben Brooks said...

hurrah you are blogging more again. thanks for linking. what a super man.

chris killen said...

thank you for commenting, Ben. i liked your article very much. i have tried to comment on your blog in the past and it will never let me, like there are a 'breed' of blogspot blogs post-2008 which have a different comment system or something which i am unable to navigate properly.

sarah san said...

WHY? is my favourite band. glad you like them.