Friday, 16 July 2010

update #4

after hardly updating my blog at all in the last year-and-a-half or so, my new technique is to frantically update it, hopefully every few hours.

i wonder how long this new approach will last for.

i am guessing it will last for about a week.

when i think about updating my blog, i think about words like 'resuscitation' and 'CPR'.

i think about an old, grey cat, covered in a thin layer of white dust, lying at the bottom of a newspaper-lined cardboard box from a supermarket, not completely curled up, possibly with arthritic back legs, a perpetually swishing tail, closed eyes, breathing irregularly, maybe asleep.

i want to give my blog a small saucer of warm milk.

i am not sure if my blog likes warm milk.


i got 'knocked out' of the Literary World Cup. i made it through to round three. is that quarter finals? i know nothing about football.


i just drank two cups of strong coffee in quick succession. feels like my brain is pushing against the inside of my head.


i am having a nice time updating my blog regularly.

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