Friday, 23 July 2010

update #6

Socrates Adams-Florou won the most exciting desktop battle yet, beating "Blackwells' own" Dave Hartley by 11 & a half votes to 8.

if you think you can beat Socrates' desktop (in terms of tidiness), please submit a screenshot of your desktop to i think desktop battles will be an ongoing thing, as long as people want to carry on submitting.

Socrates currently holds onto the title of 'all time tidiest desktop in the world, 2010'.


'Other' magazine have just published a very serious poem i wrote when i was eleven. i wrote it during a one-day poetry workshop at my school.


'Other magazine, in general, is posting lots of good stuff at the moment. have a look.


still wondering what i should turn my blog into. please vote here if you have a moment.


hope everyone is okay.


i'm supposed to be marking.


i'm sitting in a large, deserted computer cluster. feels like a group of 30+ students could come in at any moment.


here is some more info on ICYBT day:

[click here to find out what ICYBT day is.]

so far 6 people have signed up. if you would like to sign up, please express your interest in the comments of this post.

for the participants:

if you would like me to include before/after pics, links, etc. -- i was thinking of doing a kind of 'round up' post at some point doing ICYBT day -- please send me a representative screenshot of your current blog, sometime on or before ICYBT day, but before the changes are implemented. (


a group of 30+ students just came in to the computer cluster.


i am having a nice time.


DJ Berndt said...

congratulations Socrates!

Socrates Adams-Florou said...

thanks everyone. i am crying.

Dave Hartley said...

that was an exciting battle and I bow graciously to the victor. You must admit I put up a strong fight.

and maybe

one day

i will have my tidy revenge....

Socrates Adams-Florou said...

Dave, it was a really great battle. It was truly a hard fought struggle. Congratulations and commiserations in equal measure.