Tuesday, 20 July 2010

update #5

i have a new plan. i am going to very slowly, almost-imperceptably change the appearance of my blog. the changes will be so subtle they will feel subliminal. however, by maybe this time next week my blog will look and read like a completely different blog (still not sure what kind yet -- please vote in post below).

i have changed two things since the last post.

(i wonder if anyone is able to notice these two subtle changes.)


'gg' is now an entry in Urban Dictionary.

if you have a moment, please click the 'thumbs up' icon to make it the no. 1 entry (not sure if this is how it works).


update: i am worried that no one will notice the two changes.

the two changes are:

  • font + font size (Times New Roman (small) to Verdana (largest))
  • background colour (white to luminous pink)

1 comment:

DJ Berndt said...

I have given the gg definition a thumbs up twice now, from two different computers.