Sunday, 15 August 2010


i'm going to Edinburgh this week.

i'm reading at this event (along with John Wray) as part of the Edinburgh Book Festival.

i go home one day before Lydia Davis is reading.

there's a thing called the Readers' First Book Award -- you can vote for The Bird Room to win it here.

please vote.

i will share the winnings with everyone who voted, if i win.

not sure what the winnings are.

not sure if there are any winnings.


please vote anyway.

i won't be offended if you don't vote, though.

i just looked at the form.

it looks like you have to write a short review to place your vote.

sounds time intensive.

if you were thinking of voting, but the idea of having to write a review has just put you off, here is a review you could copy and paste:

The Bird Room is a novel about a man called Will. It is not even a proper novel. It is maybe about 700 words or something. It's very short, anyway. Nothing much happens. I read it in one sitting. Please make The Bird Room the winner.

maybe change a word or two, though, or they might catch on and rumble us.

i feel excited now about winning the Readers' First Book Award.

wonder what i am going to spend my share of the winnings on.

wonder what the winnings are.

wonder what i will say in my acceptance speech.

wonder if i will ever be able to write another novel.

wonder if i will have a nice time at the Edinburgh festival.

wonder how crowded it is.

wonder whether Crispin Best had a nice time when he went.



DJ Berndt said...

I voted, and I even wrote my own review.

Stephen O'Toole said...

i was with Crispin Best. he had a 'passable' time

maja said...

I was at your reading in Edinburgh. I really hope you had a nice time. I think the audience did!

Crispin Best said...

in hindsight i think i had a 'much better than passable' time
hi mate
lee rourke from my road will be in manchester at the weekend
look after him if you see him

Anonymous said...

I'm going to Edinburgh this month. YAWN!!!!!! IT'S OCTOBER!!!!!! Up-FRICKIN-DATE!!!!!

Anonymous said...

he went to edinburgh, never came back - he got a job at HMV on Princess street and says it's 'alright'

Smita Tewari said...

well, did you win anything, finally? these things are generally pre- fixed!