Monday, 10 January 2011

How to Make Money Online

i have an article up on Thought Catalog called 'How to Make Money Online'.

it was fun to write.


DJ Berndt said...

That was really good. I really like it.

chris killen said...

hi DJ, thanks very much. glad you liked it. hooray. hoping to write more articles for TC, maybe. have some ideas.

richard owain roberts said...

'mo money mo problems'

notorious b.i.g ft. p. diddy & mase

scott. said...

hi chris. somehow i stumbled into your blog yesterday after my grandfather's wake. i smoked a spliff in my backyard while reading sombrero fallout and started looking things up on the internet and somehow found you. i read this piece and bought your book on amazon. your book is probably the first thing i've bought by someone i haven't heard a thing about in 5 years, and i'm pretty excited.

choco said...


Blogger said...

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