Tuesday, 15 March 2011


i have now downloaded this, in the hope that it will kind of write a novel for me, maybe, without me having to do very much or get very involved. this is my new plan. i am still just working my way through the tutorial at the moment.


by Noah Cicero can now be ordered on Amazon. i think this is going to be the next thing i buy off Amazon. i also want to read WASTE by Eugene Marten, but it feels impossible to buy something off Amazon at the moment for some reason.


i was thinking in the shower this morning that a good way to make money would be to start a boy band called 'NSFW'. anyone want to start this boy band with me? feel like we would need maybe 4-7 boys total, of various different ethnicities/looks, all with extreme dancing + singing + dancing-while-singing ability.


guess most people have seen this now? i can account for about 7-8 of the views, i think.


really liked these things by Ben Brooks (kind of NSFW (as in 'don't look at them at work, one has a picture of a vagina' not 'hey, this could be used in our boy band, maybe')


ren said...

i found your blog in august. the only reason i found it was because i had searched "bird room" in google and the amazon listing for "the bird room" came up. the only reason why i googled "bird room" is because when i buy a house or something, i am going to have a bird room with bird paintings and wallpaper and woodcuttings and a bird carpet and bird lights, maybe. i also like your blog "oh dear" sometimes. i am planning on reading your book "the bird room" when i find it. on amazon it says there are only 3 left in stock and to "order soon (more on the way)."

Sian said...

I'm after one of these too - http://www.livescribe.com/en-us/

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