Tuesday, 8 March 2011

interview with Ben Myers / blogging / www.chriskillen.com

i interviewed Ben Myers recently for Bookslut.

it's just gone online.

have you read Ben's novel, Richard, yet?

i would recommend it, even if you don't like/don't know anything about the band Manic Street Preachers.


i saw this trailer/featurette for Shoplifting From American Apparel (the movie) today, too. liked it a lot.


blogging seems kind if impossible. think i have run out of things to say apart from links and descriptions.


[here is the kind of thing i would type if i was still blogging:]

i think i might start a website called www.chriskillen.com

instead of a blog

it will be just a white screen.

and if you click anywhere on the white screen a voice will say, 'i'm sorry'.

and if you hold down the left mouse button and select the whole screen it will uncover one of the 1000+ abandoned drafts of my second novel, maybe.

should i buy www.chriskillen.com?

i could sell it to the footballer who is also called Chris Killen

or maybe to the tarp-surfing champion who is also called Chris Killen

do you know any other Chris Killens who might want to buy a website called www.chriskillen.com?

i would be willing to split the profits of selling www.chriskillen.com with you

[note: i haven't actually bought www.chriskillen.com yet, so i guess you could buy it and then sell it to me for a profit if you wanted. my email address is chriskillen@gmail.com, BTW]


DJ Berndt said...

hahaha. If you can keep coming up with things like that, you should totally blog more. Actually, you should blog more either way. The Internet needs you, Chris Killen.

Joey Martin said...

what's tarp surfing? I don't feel like googling it.

giles ruffer said...

Have you seen this website? http://www.klingklang.co.uk/

At first it feels like you are being taken over by a virus, but eventually it lures you in. Feels like a pre-cursor to the hypno-toad channel.

Anyway, what I meant to comment was, you should do the website idea or something.

Socrates Adams-Florou said...

big mistake, putting your email up. welcome to spam central, population you.

Martin said...

Everyone knows about Chris Killen who is research manager in the faculty of science research at the Uni of East Anglia. His primary responsibility is research administration in CHE and PHA, so you know he's loaded. Also, he adores fish, so that might help you negotiate a price.

I would've bought the site myself, but I want you to share the spoils Chris.