Friday, 28 December 2012


hope you are having a nice time on the internet, whoever you are. 

thank you for looking at my blog. 

i just looked at it too, at old posts from about 2 or 3 years ago and felt strange in a way that you probably wouldn't do unless you were me or knew me very well or had just been looking at old posts on your own blog. you know what i mean. hi. hope you're having a nice time. 

i was thinking about updating this more. i was thinking about doing a video diary in January, too, maybe, like every day, possibly, just sitting there, talking to camera about my hobbies/hopes/dreams/psoriasis/etc. does that seem like a good thing or a weird thing? if [anyone] comments saying 'good thing' i guess i'll do it. if this post just sits here for a week collecting comments from spambots about cheap handbags, etc, i probably won't do it.

(i don't have psoriasis btw (yet (p.s. am i spelling 'psoriasis' correctly?)))

here is another idea i had while riding home on my bike this evening from a shop i was working in, too: [idea typed and then deleted due to feeling weird about even asking whoever's reading my blog if it's a good idea or not. it was something to do with doing a free ebook version of things i've already published online/in magazines/etc. i don't know.]

basically what i am saying is: hi, thank you for reading this, hope you're okay (whoever you are).

p.s. feel free to photoshop your head on top of mine in this picture or something if you want to use it as an e-card next Xmas: 


giles ruffer said...

'good thing'

Ed said...

[idea for an unstoppable sentence that expresses foamy-brained anticipation of one day being able to read an e-collection of bits of writings by the blog and book author with such a dazzling balance of reason and hysteria that said author will be compelled to scoop the things into a public trough immediately safe in the knowledge that if he grows to unlike them they can always be withdrawn]

Alexander J. Allison said...

good thing