Friday, 7 December 2012



here are some things i have been doing which are not updating this blog.

i have a new website now:

i was involved in making a film called Wizard's Way (with Socrates Adams and Joe Stretch) and it is going to be coming out in 2013. you can find out more info and updates and watch the trailer and things here:

i have finished writing a draft of a second novel that doesn't make me feel completely weird or sick or embarassed (it still needs a lot of work though) and sent it to Canongate and have had word back that it is going to be published at the start of 2014 (year after next). it is called 'In Real Life' and when people ask me what it is about i have been saying, 'it's about people who use the internet a lot when they're not on the internet.'

i started a band which is just me so far:

i seem to be doing a lot of shit jokes/etc on twitter at the moment too, so if you are a person on twitter who likes reading someone make 6-9 frantic/somewhat-shit jokes in quick succession and then go silent again for 2-3 days and then the cycle to repeat again (tweets mostly occur during UK daytime hours) you can find me at @chriskillen

i've also decided to maybe start blogging again, a bit, maybe (we'll see). but check back. if you want. i guess. to 'herald' this decision, i've changed font too. please leave feedback re: new font size, etc. (am willing to change font back again if everyone's unhappy with it.)


Martin said...

Can you do the old font again, and then the new? Just so I can check please. Ta.

chris killen said...

hi Martin,

best way to check old/new font is to scroll down and read something and then scroll up again and re-read this post. it will give the same effect. (home that helps.)

chris killen said...

(that was supposed to say 'hope that helps')

Martin said...

Brilliant, thanks very much :)

Marc Le Ness said...

I want to say 'I prefer the early font' because it evokes the classic music snobbery of 'I prefer the early stuff' (i.e. before they were famous).

Unfortunately/Truthfully I prefer the new font as it better conforms with W3C guidelines on accessibility.

chris killen said...

Marc, glad font conforms to wc3 guidelines (whatever they are). phew. hi. what are wc3 guidelines?