Sunday, 20 January 2013


i think i've stopped doing the video diaries now. it was just an 'experiment' really. it quickly turned into the same feeling as enforced daily blogging, i.e. 'oh god, i've got to do my video diary again now, why haven't i done my video diary yet? what's wrong with me?' etc. also, i started to feel like my face/voice was becoming pretty annoying. 

1) got me back into feeling like i could write things on here again.
2) um.  

thanks to everyone who watched and commented on them, esp Martin who seemed to watch almost all of them. thanks, Martin. 

think i'm just going to 'normal blog' again from now on (whatever that means). 

i've also started a Tumblr. i feel okay generally about the internet at the moment. 

i thought this year would be the year i 'finally went uppercase' (fyi: i'm turning 32 at the end of this month/ffs) but guess not.  

right now i'm listening to a Jens Lekman 'summer mixtape', sitting in a cold room, typing on a new computer. i feel good about everything mostly. this time next year, my second novel will almost be out. i'm editing it at the moment. Wizard's Way is being shown at the BFI on Friday night and tickets have sold out. we've done 4 episodes of Pizza Party. yup, feeling okay i think. 

by the way, have you seen this issue of Pop Serial yet? there are lots of people who's writing i like in it, and i have a small thing in it too, and it looks pretty good/ugly-in-a-good-way. (think it will be available online too, soon/soon-ish.)

also, i enjoyed reading these short stories by Sam Pink recently. 

*end of update*


p p bloxham said...

hi chris

chris killen said...

hi Peter

p p bloxham said...

gr8 podcast btw mate, has really re-ignited my passion for pizzas!!!!!!