Thursday, 7 November 2013

the future

i wrote and performed a thing called 'A Short Guide to the Future' last month. it was a short story + video/sound/tinfoil.

here is a picture someone took of me while i was reading it:

next time i'm doing something, i will try to put it on here before i do it instead of afterwards.

okay, here is a thing that's happening in the future:

Canongate are publishing my second novel, In Real Life, in Spring 2015.

seems a long way away.

going to try and keep busy by eating lots of vegetables, doing exercise, walking around, etc. also maybe writing some more short stories and things.

serious question: have i 'forfeited' my chance of being published in Granta/The New Yorker/etc via writing shit in lowercase on here for ~4 years? and do you think my chances of being published in Granta/The New Yorker/etc might improve if i went back and meticulously rewrote everything in 'not lowercase'? also: guess i need to write some short stories first.

1 comment:

Martin said...

Can't wait for the new novel Chris, I enjoyed The Bird Room.

I don't think you need to worry about the case of the cases, some people's names are all in lower, and they get published ok. Plus (and this is a genuine question), do you want to be published somewhere where they are so 'traditional' they can't tell the difference between intentional non-standards and genuine mistakes?

All the best, good to see you posting again :-)