Wednesday, 11 December 2013

hi again

i feel like there was something else i wanted to blog about.

(i can't quite remember what it is.)

maybe if i keep typing, i'll remember what it is.

i wonder when i'm going to 'go uppercase'.

maybe it will be at some point during this blogpost.

i wonder if Nicholson Baker has a blog.


i just googled it.

he doesn't even have an official website, outside of a Simon and Schuster one, a University of [Something] one, and a fan page.

update: the fan page is pretty good.

i guess Box of Matches was kind of like a blog.

i wonder what would happen if i started getting up at 4:30am.

i wonder what would happen if i grew my beard out 'all the way' (does it stop growing at some point?).

i wonder what it was i wanted to blog about.

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