Tuesday, 6 January 2015

excerpts from my novel, london, bristol, hot shorts, etc.

there's a few small excerpts from my novel, In Real Life, online now: 3 x small depressing job centre experpts at MuuMuu House, and ? x medium-sized depressing excerpts at The Manchester Review.

doing a few events too. there's a London launch thing, on the 22nd of Jan at [i don't know the name of the place yet; will post more info soon], w/ nice people Nikesh Shukla, Emma Jane Unsworth and David Whitehouse, and then the next day, i'm doing a free lunchtime/afternoon thing in Bristol (with Nikesh) that sounds fun and kind of intense.

also, my band Hot Shorts are playing a free gig @ Fuel in Manchester (Withington) on Friday Jan 16th w/ some other bands (Cop Graveyard, Groves & The Collected Fictions). here is the Facebook event for it. pls come and throw rotten fruit at us.

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