Tuesday, 17 February 2015

more reviews, videos, events, etc.

i got some more nice reviews: The Independent, The Observer and the FT. and also one in the Daily Mail that tells me to 'cheer up'.

i did a v small interview thing w/ the FT too: http://www.ft.com/life-arts/books/small-talk

i made this series of stupid/informative Q&A's:

and also, it turns out there is going to be a Manchester launch event after all. here's a flyer with all the details on it:

i am doing a small reading at an event called Books in the Attic (Hackney) on the 23rd of Feb w/ Jonathan Trigell, Zarqa Nawaz and Clayton Littlewood. more info here.

and also/finally, Hot Shorts are playing at Party Hard (Star & Garter, Manchester) w/ O Captain on Friday the 20th.


me said...

Just started reading The Bird Room and on page 103 already. Like nothing else I've read..loving it

chris killen said...

wow! thanks so much for letting me know & hope you continue to enjoy it!!

me said...

Certainly did...I especially like Clair/Helen and the sister. In touch with your feminine side I feel! Getting In Real Life tomorrow. You do not need to cheer up.

me said...
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